Aatif Qureshi

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t-Butyl alcohol is not a substrate for alcohol dehydrogenase or for the peroxidatic activity of catalase and, therefore, it is used frequently as an example of a non-metabolizable alcohol. t-Butyl alcohol is, however, a scavenger of the hydroxyl radical. The current report demonstrates that t-butyl alcohol can be oxidized to formaldehyde plus acetone by(More)
In view of the presence of adventitious catalase in isolated microsomes, and the requirement for H2O2, it has been suggested that NADPH-dependent oxidation of methanol by rat liver microsomes was mediated exclusively by the peroxidatic activity of catalase. However, H2O2 may also serve as a precursor of the hydroxyl radical, and methanol reacts with(More)
IL-33 modulates both innate and adaptive immune responses at tissue sites including lung and may play critical roles in inflammatory lung disease. Although IL-33 expression can be altered upon NF-Kappa B activation, here we examine regulation by Oncostatin M, a gp130 cytokine family member, in mouse lung tissue. Responses were assessed in BALB/c mouse lung(More)
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