Aastha Srivastava

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Distortion estimation in objective domain plays an important role during Image Quality Assessment (IQA). Reduced Reference IQA requires only partial information about the reference image which can be transmitted through an ancillary data channel and is useful where complete image cannot be accessed (as reference for IQA). In this paper, IQA is performed(More)
Estimation of distortion in images using reduced reference mode of quality assessment is a reliable approach to develop quality metrics which are in due coherence with human visual system (HVS). This paper proposes a novel reduced reference image quality assessment methodology employing multi-resolution approaches for features extraction. The extracted(More)
Reduced reference image quality assessment (IQA) has been highlighted as a reliable methodology for the purpose of quality-of-service (QoS) monitoring in network visual communication applications; as it requires only selective features of the reference image where complete image cannot be accessed (as reference for IQA). The reduced reference IQA problem(More)
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