Aastha Khanna

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Blue nevus is an uncommon pigmented lesion of dermal melanocytes. By convention, two well defined histologic variants, designated as "common" and "cellular", have been recognized. These lesions have attracted much attention due to its confusion with malignant melanoma. We present a case of a giant congenital cellular blue nevus of neck clinically presenting(More)
In recent years, traffic has emerged as a ubiquitous problem faced by thousands of commuters on daily basis. With the, ever-increasing number of vehicles emerging on road, the problem does not seem to fade away. It poses a strikingly major conundrum to a large number of people. Using the analysis we use Twitter as our Database and aim to find the(More)
INTRODUCTION The larynx is an intricate structure serving three important functions in humans: it protects the lower respiratory airway, facilitates respiration and helps produce sound through a key role in phonation. OBJECTIVE We report the first published finding of congenital duplication of the larynx in a patient with previously cleared squamous cell(More)
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