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POS Tagging is the tagging of each word with the most appropriate category listed in the lexicon which indicates its syntactic role in the sentence. POS Tagging enables tracking of user reviews and can even be used for Human-Robot-Interaction in future. In this paper, we are presenting a model which deals with the limitations of previously existing POS(More)
Process of assigning a part-of-speech to each word in a text according to its definition and context, is known as POS tagging. Basically, it is a process of marking up a specific word class to each word with respect to its position in the sentence. POS tagging is very useful in information retrieval. In this paper, we have considered the problem of tagging(More)
A 74 years old male patient, presented with history of generalized weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite and breathlessness on exertion for past one and a half months. On examination, he was found to have significant pallor and generalized lymphadenopathy (cervical, axillary and inguinal). The skeletal survey showed punched out lytic lesions in skull and(More)
Cation exchange high performance liquid chromatography (CE- HPLC) is an excellent tool for the diagnosis of various hemoglobin (Hb) disorders. HbD-Punjab is an uncommon structural Hb variant seen in North-India. Rarely, a compound heterozygous state for HbD-Punjab with high HbA2 has been described. We describe an index case whose CE-HPLC showed a compound(More)
Ameloblastic carcinoma is a rare aggressive malignant epithelial odontogenic tumour seen in a wide range of age group with no sex predilection. Patient usually presents with a rapidly enlarging swelling. It usually involves the posterior portion of the mandible. Treatment of choice is surgical removal of tumour followed by radiotherapy. We present a case of(More)
BACKGROUND Cation exchange-high performance liquid chromatography (CE-HPLC) is most commonly used to evaluate hemoglobin (Hb) variants, which elute in the Hb A2 window. This study aimed to assess prevalence of an uncommon Hb variant, Hb D-Iran, and compare its red cell parameters and peak characteristics with those of Hb E that commonly elutes in the Hb A2(More)
Distillation is an essential separation process in the chemical and petrochemical industry. The distillation process is a highly nonlinear, complex, interactive and non -stationary, therefore its control is difficult. In the present work an adaptive neuro-fuzzy controller is designed to control a binary distillation process. A conventional PID controller is(More)
Lichen striatus is a self-limiting dermatosis presenting with sudden eruption of lichenoid papules along the lines of Blaschko. A 5-year-old girl presented with asymptomatic hypopigmented linear lesions over both upper limbs. The histopathological examination revealed spongiosis, vacuolar alteration of the basal layer and lymphocytic exocytosis with a(More)