Aastha Chawla

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Diabetes and related complications are associated with long-term damage and failure of various organ systems. The line of demarcation between the pathogenic mechanisms of microvascular and macrovascular complications of diabetes and differing responses to therapeutic interventions is blurred. Diabetes induces changes in the microvasculature, causing(More)
This review describes the association of balanoposthitis with diabetes. It reviews the multifaceted relationship of both conditions, and summarizes the etiology, clinical features and treatment options for this condition. The commonest etiology of balanoposthitis in males with diabetes is Candida, and the mainstay of treatment is maintenance of hygiene,(More)
This review is a succinct description of the relationship between herpes zoster and diabetes. It makes a strong case for screening for diabetes in all patients of herpes zoster, and for using insulin to achieve optimal glycaemic control in persons with concomitant diabetes and herpes zoster. It highlights potential impact of dipeptidyl peptidase 4 inhibitor(More)
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