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BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Bone marrow mononuclear cell therapy has emerged as one of the option for the treatment of Stroke. Several preclinical studies have shown that the treatment with mononuclear cell (MNCs) can reduce the infarct size and improve the functional outcome. We evaluated the feasibility, safety and clinical outcome of administering bone(More)
BACKGROUND Organ retrieval from brain dead patients is getting an increased attention as the waiting list for organ recipients far exceeds the organ donor pool. In our country, despite a large population the number of brain dead donors undergoing organ donation is very less (2% in our study). AIMS The present study was undertaken to address issues related(More)
To evaluate the impact of death-to-preservation time (DPT) on effective utilisation of donor corneas. In a prospective observational study conducted at our tertiary eye centre, donated corneas received over a 15-month period from November 2011 to January 2013 were evaluated. Donor age, donor refrigeration (done or not), DPT, endothelial cell density (ECD),(More)
Surveillance of drinking water is essentially a health measure intended to protect the public from water borne diseases. Hydride generator accessory coupled with atomic absorption spectrophotometer was used to analyze arsenic level in 49 ground water samples collected from different areas of Delhi. Arsenic level in ground water samples was in the range of(More)
BACKGROUND Knowledge, sociocultural views, and awareness about organ donation in the general population are important for the success of deceased organ donation. There is an urgent need to gather this information in order to find out the reasons for poor organ donation rates in India. METHODS A 30-item questionnaire was designed in the English and Hindi(More)
Operating room services are one of the major cost and revenue-generating centres of a hospital. The cost associated with the provisioning of operating department services depends on the resources consumed and the unit costs of those resources. The objective of this study was to calculate the cost of operation theatre services at Jai Prakash Narayan Apex(More)
CONTEXT Standardized nursing handovers have been known to improve outcome, reduce error, and enhance communication. Few, if any, studies on nursing handovers have been conducted in the India. AIM The aim was to study nursing handover practices in a Neurosciences Center in India. SUBJECTS AND METHODS This study was conducted in a 200 bedded public sector(More)
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