Aarthi Sridhar

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The present study was designed to determine whether chemokine receptor 2b (CCR2b) contributes to the development of renal injury in salt-sensitive angiotensin II (ANG) hypertension. Rats were infused with ANG and fed a high-salt diet (HS) for 14 days. Rats were divided into 4 groups: HS; HS administered the CCR2b antagonist, RS102895; Ang/HS hypertensive;(More)
More than half a decade has passed since the December 26th 2004 tsunami hit the Indian coast leaving a trail of ecological, economic and human destruction in its wake. We reviewed the coastal ecological research carried out in India in the light of the tsunami. In addition, we also briefly reviewed the ecological research in other tsunami affected countries(More)
Disciplinary transgressions are necessary to generate newer understandings. However, such incursions are not always encouraged or acknowledged. As part of the special issue on post-structural perspectives on fisheries, this paper represents an engagement with Actor-Network Theory (ANT) while attempting to study scientific practices on fisheries in British(More)
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