Aart Overeem

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Accurate and timely surface precipitation measurements are crucial for water resources management, agriculture, weather prediction, climate research, as well as ground validation of satellite-based precipitation estimates. However, the majority of the land surface of the earth lacks such data, and in many parts of the world the density of surface(More)
[1] Accurate air temperature observations in urban areas are important for meteorology and energy demand planning. They are indispensable to study the urban heat island effect and the adverse effects of high temperatures on human health. However, the availability of temperature observations in cities is often limited. Here we show that relatively accurate(More)
Accurate measurements of rainfall are important in many hydrological and meteorological applications, for instance, flash-flood early-warning systems, hydraulic structures design, irrigation, weather forecasting, and climate modelling. Whenever possible, link networks measure and store the received power of the electromagnetic signal at regular intervals.(More)
OR (operating room) satellite pharmacies are still a relatively new addition to the system of pharmacy-coordinated drug distribution. For the last ten years, however, hospitals creating OR satellite pharmacies have found that they provide improved service, reduced inventory, better narcotic control and more efficient drug delivery. Hospital Pharmacy and the(More)
High-resolution inputs of rainfall are important in hydrological sciences, especially for urban hydrology. This is mainly because heavy rainfall-induced events such as flash floods can have a tremendous impact on society given their destructive nature and the short time scales in which they develop. With the development of technologies such as radars,(More)
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