Aaron William Bauer

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The design of games can be an unfortunately indirect endeavour: the designer's objective may be to present the player with a particular set of possible experiences, or play-space, but what the designer actually creates (i.e. the game) is instead an artifact intended to produce the desired play-space only upon interaction. In this work we develop both a(More)
Automating parts of game creation benefits both professional and amature game designers and much previous work has already made progress on this front. In this paper we tackle automating level design. We describe a general graph-based representation for game levels and present a preliminary system that leverages this representation. Our system automatically(More)
Numerical simulations show that impactors can penetrate Europa's ice, creating conduits to the underlying ocean. Breaching becomes inevitable when transient cavity depth exceeds 90% of ice thickness. Results indicate that a 0.5 km comet would penetrate 5 km ice, and a 5 km comet could breach 40 km ice. Thinner ice would be breached more frequently, thicker(More)
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