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To realize multiplexed sample preparation on a digital microfluidic chip for high-throughput Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry (MALDI-MS), several fluidic functions need to be integrated. These include the generation of multiple droplets from a reservoir and parallel in-line sample purification. In this paper, we develop two(More)
We report a new technique called Digital microfluidic Immunocytochemistry in Single Cells (DISC). DISC automates protocols for cell culture, stimulation and immunocytochemistry, enabling the interrogation of protein phosphorylation on pulsing with stimulus for as little as 3 s. DISC was used to probe the phosphorylation states of platelet-derived growth(More)
We introduce the first lab-on-a-chip platform for complete mammalian cell culture. The new method is powered by digital microfluidics (DMF), a technique in which nanolitre-sized droplets are manipulated on an open surface of an array of electrodes. This is the first application of DMF to adherent cell culture and analysis, and more importantly, represents(More)
Digital microfluidics (DMF) is a technique in which discrete droplets are manipulated by applying electrical fields to an array of electrodes. In an ideal DMF system, each application of driving potential would cause a targeted droplet to move onto an energized electrode (i.e., perfect fidelity between driving voltage and actuation); however, in real(More)
Microchannels can separate analytes faster with higher resolution, higher efficiency and with lower reagent consumption than typical column techniques. Unfortunately, an impediment in the path toward fully integrated microchannel-based labs-on-a-chip is the integration of pre-separation sample processing. Although possible in microchannels, such steps are(More)
We report the fabrication of a scaffold (hereafter referred to as AngioChip) that supports the assembly of parenchymal cells on a mechanically tunable matrix surrounding a perfusable, branched, three-dimensional microchannel network coated with endothelial cells. The design of AngioChip decouples the material choices for the engineered vessel network and(More)
Blood samples stored as dried blood spots (DBSs) are emerging as a useful sampling and storage vehicle for a wide range of applications. Unfortunately, the surging popularity of DBS samples has not yet been accompanied by an improvement in automated techniques for extraction and analysis. As a first step towards overcoming this challenge, we have developed(More)