Aaron Waibel

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To provide rapid access to meetings between human beings, transcription, tracking, retrieval and summarization of on-going human-to-human conversation has to be achieved. In DARPA and DoD sponsored work (projects GENOA and CLARITY) we aim to develop strategies to transcribe human discourse and provide rapid access to the structure and content of this human(More)
Skin is the most widely used primitive in human image processing research and computer vision with application ranging from face detection and person tracking to pornography filtering. It has proven to be a useful and robust cue for detecting human parts in images since (i) it is invariant to orientation and size (ii) it gives extra dimension compared to(More)
A new technique for predicting anomalies in the near future of an observed signal is being presented. Before any data analysis can be performed on an observed signal, the signal's underlying pattern must be cleared. A wavelet de-noising scheme is used because it provides a better result compared to other de-noising algorithms and it is simple from a(More)
i In mis paper, preliminary considerations and some experimental results are presented in an effort to design Very Large Vocabulary Recognition (VLVR) systems. We will first consider the applicability of current recognition techniques and argue their inadequacy for VLVR. Possible alternate strategies will be explored and their potential usefulness(More)
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