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We present an implementation of the improved staggered quark action lattice QCD computation designed for execution on a GPU cluster. The parallelization strategy is based on dividing the space-time lattice along the time dimension and distributing the sub-lattices among the GPU cluster nodes. We provide a mixed-precision floating-point GPU implementation of(More)
We present the results of high-statistics calculations of correlation functions generated with single-baryon interpolating operators on an ensemble of dynamical anisotropic gauge-field configurations generated by the Hadron Spectrum Collaboration using a tadpole-improved clover fermion action and Symanzik-improved gauge action. A total of 292, 500 sets of(More)
We present evidence for the existence of a bound H dibaryon, an I=0, J=0, s=-2 state with valence quark structure uuddss, at a pion mass of m(π)∼389  MeV. Using the results of lattice QCD calculations performed on four ensembles of anisotropic clover gauge-field configurations, with spatial extents of L∼2.0, 2.5, 3.0, and 3.9 fm at a spatial lattice spacing(More)
The ground-state energies of 2, 3, 4, and 5 pi(+)'s in a spatial volume V approximately (2.5 fm)(3) are computed with lattice QCD. By eliminating the leading contribution from three-pi(+) interactions, particular combinations of these n-pi(+) ground-state energies provide precise extractions of the pi(+)pi(+) scattering length in agreement with that(More)
Road transport is one of the main inland transport modes providing flexible house to house services for the people all over the world Control of road traffic flows in urban areas in intersections are modelled in this article. Cost of CO<sub>2</sub>, CO, CH, NO<sub>x</sub>, PM and value of travel time had been used by the authors in order to estimate the(More)
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