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Understanding the context of how IT contributes to making missions more or less successful is a cornerstone of mission assurance. This paper describes a continuation of our previous work that used process modeling to allow us to estimate the impact of cyber incidents on missions. In our previous work we focused on developing a capability that could work as(More)
Using current methods, it is virtually impossible to determine the impact of a cyber attack on the attainment of mission objectives. Do we know which mission elements are affected? Can we continue to operate and fulfill the mission? Should we wait for recovery? Can we salvage part of the mission? Since it is currently so difficult for humans to comprehend(More)
The promise of practicing mission assurance is to be able to leverage an understanding of how mission objectives and outcomes are dependent on supporting cyber resources. This makes it possible to analyze, monitor, and manage your cyber resources in a mission context. In previous work, we demonstrated how process modeling tools can simulate mission systems(More)
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