Aaron Straup Cope

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An idealized model amphipathic alpha-helical decapeptide was synthesized and tested for efficacy as a totally synthetic lung surfactant in simple mixtures with dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine (DPPC). Quasi-static lung compliance was restored to 92 +/- 3% of the unlavaged value at a pressure of 5 cm H2O in an in vitro lavaged rat lung model. A sustained(More)
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Plasma concentrations of theophylline were determined in healthy volunteers following a single oral dose of six slow release preparations, immediately following a standard breakfast. There were no significant differences between the different preparations. The time taken to reach maximum plasma concentration, tmax, was found to be longer than in previous(More)
Theo-Dur, 300 mg twice daily, and Uniphylline, 600 mg once daily taken with food were compared in an open cross-over study in healthy volunteers. Uniphylline had significantly (P less than 0.001) higher peaks, lower troughs and wider variation in theophylline concentrations than Theo-Dur. Peak plasma concentrations were reached earlier for Theo-Dur but the(More)
1 Concomitant saliva and plasma theophylline concentrations were measured in six healthy male volunteers following single dose administration of two sustained release preparations (Nuelin SA and Phyllocontin Continus). 2 Using mean values, a good correlation was obtained between saliva and plasma drug concentrations. Prediction of plasma values using(More)
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