Aaron Sorensen

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The PaTH (University of Pittsburgh/UPMC, Penn State College of Medicine, Temple University Hospital, and Johns Hopkins University) clinical data research network initiative is a collaborative effort among four academic health centers in the Mid-Atlantic region. PaTH will provide robust infrastructure to conduct research, explore clinical outcomes, link with(More)
BACKGROUND Neurorehabilitation covers a large range of disorders, assessment approaches and treatment methods. There have been previous citation analyses of rehabilitation and of its subfields. However, there has never been a comprehensive citation analysis in neurorehabilitation. OBJECTIVE The present study reports findings from a citation analysis of(More)
Employees joining or not joining three newly marketed prepayment plans were surveyed during the first marketing period and during another open enrollment period 18 months later. In the 1973 survey the respondents were 149 subscribers (family contracts covering 568 persons) to the new plans and 224 nonjoiners (a total of 802 persons in their families)--all(More)
We have generated a list of highly influential biomedical researchers based on Scopus citation data from the period 1996-2011. Of the 15,153,100 author identifiers in Scopus, approximately 1% (n=149,655) have an h-index >=20. Of those, we selected 532 authors who belonged to the 400 with highest total citation count (>=25,142 citations) and/or the 400 with(More)
Admission screening and certification systems for utilization review are based on acceptance of attending physicians' admitting diagnosis. This study was conducted to: 1) determine the consistency of admission diagnosis as compared to discharge diagnosis: i) identify the characteristics of patients and diagnoses subject to higher rates of diagnostic(More)
In the 2 months immediately after a premium rate increase, the Genesee Valley Group Health Association (Group Health) lost over 600 subscriber contracts. A survey was conducted to determine the reasons for disenrollment and compare the demographic and utilization characteristics of disenrollees with those of all members during the previous calendar year.(More)
To determine the characteristics of physicians who move into and out of rural areas, as well as their reasons for establishing or leaving such practices, we sent questionnaires to 67 physicians who began practice in selected rural counties in upstate New York and 88 physicians who left practices in roughly the same area. From the 52 physicians (77.6 per(More)