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Engineering with departmental honors. He went on to Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island to study signal processing and began research on microphone arrays. He received a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering in 1993 and continued to pursue his work towards a Doctor of Philosophy degree. While a student at Brown, he held several(More)
Datacenter workloads demand high computational capabilities, flexibility, power efficiency, and low cost. It is challenging to improve all of these factors simultaneously. To advance datacenter capabilities beyond what commodity server designs can provide, we designed and built a composable, reconfigurable hardware fabric based on field programmable gate(More)
Explicit Data Graph Execution (EDGE) architectures offer the possibility of high instruction-level parallelism with energy efficiency. In EDGE architectures, the compiler breaks a program into a sequence of structured blocks that the hardware executes atomically. The instructions within each block communicate directly, instead of communicating through(More)
The rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) is an important primate model for social cognition, and recent studies have begun to explore the impact of oxytocin on social cognition and behavior. Macaques have great potential for elucidating the neural mechanisms by which oxytocin modulates social cognition, which has implications for oxytocin-based pharmacotherapies(More)
Predication facilitates high-bandwidth fetch and large static scheduling regions, but has typically been too complex to implement comprehensively in out-of-ordermicroarchitectures. This paper describes dataflow predication, which provides per-instruction predication in a dataflow ISA, low predication computation overheads similar to VLIW ISAs, and low(More)
We present ParCor, a parallel corpus of texts in which pronoun coreference – reduced coreference in which pronouns are used as referring expressions – has been annotated. The corpus is intended to be used both as a resource from which to learn systematic differences in pronoun use between languages and ultimately for developing and testing informed(More)
The automatic extraction of verb-particle constructions (VPCs) is of particular interest to the NLP community. Previous studies have shown that word alignment methods can be used with parallel corpora to successfully extract a range of multi-word expressions (MWEs). In this paper the technique is applied to a new type of corpus, made up of a collection of(More)
The TRIPS system employs a new instruction set architecture (ISA) called Explicit Data Graph Execution (EDGE) that renegotiates the boundary between hardware and software to expose and exploit concurrency. EDGE ISAs use a block-atomic execution model in which blocks are composed of dataflow instructions. The goal of the TRIPS design is to mine concurrency(More)
VLIW and EDGE (Explicit Data Graph Execution) ar- chitectures rely on compilers to form high-quality hyper- blocks for good performance. These compilers typically perform hyperblock formation, loop unrolling, and scalar optimizations in a fixed order. This approach limits the compiler's ability to exploit or correct interactions among these phases. EDGE(More)