Aaron Saunders

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New areas of research focus on bridging the gap between mobile robotics on land and at sea. This paper describes the evolution of RHex, a power-autonomous legged land-based robot, into one capable of both sea and land-based locomotion. In working towards an amphibious robot, three versions of RHex with increasing levels of aquatic capability were created.(More)
This paper describes the development of a legged robot designed for general locomotion of complex terrain but specialized for dynamical, high-speed climbing of a uniformly convex cylindrical structure, such as an outdoor telephone pole. This robot, the RiSE V3 climbing machine—mass 5.4 kg, length 70 cm, excluding a 28 cm tail(More)
In Hawaii, health care is a commodity, not a human right: those who can afford it receive care, those who cannot often don't. As health workers and health professional students, we witness the consequences that public policies and budget considerations have on people, on patients, on the health of those that we are dedicated to assisting. Beginning with a(More)
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