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A bacterium, a spirillum, has been isolated from a deep-sea sample and has been found to grow optimally at about 500 bars and 2 degrees to 4 degrees C. These conditions are similar to those prevailing at the 5700-meter depth from which the sample was collected. The organism grows at these pressures and temperatures with a generation time of between 4 and 13(More)
There is a strong link between teamwork and patient safety. Emerging evidence supports the efficacy of teamwork improvement interventions. However, the availability of reliable, valid, and practical measurement tools and strategies is commonly cited as a barrier to long-term sustainment and spread of these teamwork interventions. This article describes the(More)
BACKGROUND Recognizing the need to minimize human error and adverse events, clinicians, researchers, administrators, and educators have strived to enhance clinicians' knowledge, skills, and attitudes through training. Given the risks inherent in learning new skills or advancing underdeveloped skills on actual patients, simulation-based training (SBT) has(More)
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