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Antioxidant defences and homeostasis of reactive oxygen species in different human mitochondrial DNA-depleted cell lines.
Three pairs of parental (rho+) and established mitochondrial DNA depleted (rho0) cells, derived from bone, lung and muscle were used to verify the influence of the nuclear background and the lack ofExpand
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A strategy for the control of catheter blockage by crystalline Proteus mirabilis biofilm using the antibacterial agent triclosan.
OBJECTIVES Catheter blockage by crystalline Proteus mirabilis biofilm is a common complication in patients undergoing long-term indwelling bladder catheterisation. Previously we have shown thatExpand
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Molecular mechanisms of inflammation. Anti-inflammatory benefits of virgin olive oil and the phenolic compound oleocanthal.
Chronic inflammation is a critical factor in the pathogenesis of many inflammatory disease states including cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, degenerative joint diseases and neurodegenerativeExpand
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Starting Well: Facilitating the Middle School Transition
School-based mental health programming is a viable intervention because it can provide evidenced-based-treatment (EBT) while avoiding the typical service barriers. In this study, 119 students (agesExpand
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Expression of uncoupling protein-3 in subsarcolemmal and intermyofibrillar mitochondria of various mouse muscle types and its modulation by fasting.
Uncoupling protein-3 (UCP3) is a mitochondrial inner-membrane protein abundantly expressed in rodent and human skeletal muscle which may be involved in energy dissipation. Many studies have beenExpand
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The Role of Exercise as a Non-pharmacological Therapeutic Approach for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: Beneficial or Detrimental?
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a fatal neurodegenerative disease, involves the rapid deterioration of motor neurons resulting in severe muscle atrophy and respiratory insufficiency. It isExpand
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Retrogressive failure of a static granular layer on an inclined plane
When a layer of static grains on a sufficiently steep slope is disturbed, an upslope-propagating erosion wave, or retrogressive failure, may form that separates the initially static material from aExpand
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Subjectivity of Solar Power: Using Q Methodology to Evaluate Perceptions of Solar Energy Projects in the San Luis Valley
Renewable energy is on the verge of becoming a significant source of power generation and for many Americans, that will mean thinking and talking about energy technologies in new ways. Land intensiveExpand
Retrogressive failure of a layer of granular material on an inclined plane
The flow of granular materials down an inclined plane is closely related to many natural hazards, such as landslides and avalanches, which can cause serious damage to life and property. AvalanchesExpand