Aaron Rundus

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  • Sandra Tranquilli, Michael Abedi-Lartey, Katharine Abernethy, Fidèle Amsini, Augustus Asamoah, Cletus Balangtaa +50 others
  • 2014
Numerous protected areas (PAs) have been created in Africa to safeguard wildlife and other natural resources. However, significant threats from anthropogenic activities and decline of wildlife populations persist, while conservation efforts in most PAs are still minimal. We assessed the impact level of the most common threats to wildlife within PAs in(More)
The study of the archaeological remains of fossil hominins must rely on reconstructions to elucidate the behaviour that may have resulted in particular stone tools and their accumulation. Comparatively, stone tool use among living primates has illuminated behaviours that are also amenable to archaeological examination, permitting direct observations of the(More)
I n this article, we employ robotic/mechatronic squirrel models for the study of ground squirrel/rattlesnake interaction , both in the laboratory and rugged natural environments. These robotic models are unique because they must interact with live, potentially hostile animals. Our robots are now being used for long-term studies on rattlesnake behavior after(More)
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