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The term "information" has become a universal and omnipresent keyword in almost all areas of our modern world – be it in science or society in general. This is not only obvious from the naming of whole scientific branches like Information Theory, Information Science or Informatics but even more from common speaking – characterising our present time and(More)
Information Systems (IS) have influenced and changed our lives in the past 50 years more than anything else – be it in the professional, be it in the private sector. Three main qualities have leveraged IS to this extraordinary position: persistence (supporting and extending human memories), individual availability and distribution – now worldwide through(More)
Ontology development has become a major issue in several areas of Computer Science including AI, Web technology, Knowledge Management and Information Systems. For Software Engineering (SE) projects, ontologies are particularly attractive as a means for extending the re-use principle to the early (analysis and design) phases of the development process.(More)
In this article we present a new approach to Ontology-based Software Engineering (OBSE) meant for practical use in enterprises and industrial projects. Following this approach, Software projects are no longer driven only by requirements and models but also by one or several ontology/ies covering their application domain. Our main thesis says that OBSE can(More)
In this article, we present the MMIR (Multimodal Mobile Interaction and Rendering) framework that is targeted at building lightweight dialog systems. The framework is geared towards multimodal interaction development for applications where only limited resources are available, e.g. so that they can run self-contained even on mobile devices. The framework(More)
We present the development process and user test results for an interactive platform for cognitive training. The platform is specifically aimed at older users with and without mild cognitive impairment (MCI). The iterative development cycle, with continuous testing by users in the targeted groups, resulted in a styleguide tailored to the needs of the user(More)