Aaron Roydhouse

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We show how a relational database can be used to store a large volume of complex, structured spatial information so as to support efficient retrieval by partial matching to a user's queries. A novel representation of spatial relationships is employed that facilitates efficient processing of conjunctive queries. Our approach is implemented in MetVUW(More)
Exploitation of the historical record of meteorological data has long been impeded by an inability to rapidly identify relevant data, and by the difficulties of managing the huge volume of data involved. This paper presents a new approach to archiving and retrieving meteorological data that addresses these problems. Techniques of case-based reasoning from(More)
MetVUW Workbench is a multimedia database for retrieval and display of historical meteorological data, including laser disc video imagery, digital satellite imagery, text, hydrological data, and numeric fields from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting. Existing components of MetVUW Workbench allow this information to be retrieved by date(More)
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