Aaron R. Phillips

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SUMMARY At the rate that prokaryotic genomes can now be generated, comparative genomics studies require a flexible method for quickly and accurately predicting orthologs among the rapidly changing set of genomes available. SPOCS implements a graph-based ortholog prediction method to generate a simple tab-delimited table of orthologs and in addition, html(More)
Many phenomena that we wish to discover are comprised of sequences of events or event primitives. Often signatures are constructed to identify such phenomena using either distributions or frequencies of attributes, or specific subsequences that are known to correlate to the phenomena. Distribution-based identification does not capture the essence of the(More)
Clinicians, departments and trusts are compared using Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratios. The benchmarking process makes corrections for patients' past medical histories, using a tool called the Charlson Index of Co-morbidity. Patients with any of 17 conditions receive an adjustment to their expected mortality and length of stay. Although the weighting(More)
For many applications, it is desirable to have a process for recognizing when software binaries are closely related without relying on them to be identical or have identical segments. But doing so in a dynamic environment is a nontrivial task because most approaches to software similarity require extensive and time-consuming analysis of a binary, or they(More)
The cyber world is a complex domain, with digital systems mediating a wide spectrum of human and machine behaviors. While this is enabling a revolution in the way humans interact with each other and data, it also is exposing previously unreachable infrastructure to a worldwide set of actors. Existing solutions for intrusion detection and prevention that are(More)
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