Aaron Palmer

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The business value of Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP systems), and in general large software implementations, has been extensively debated in both popular press and in the academic literature for over two decades. Organisations invest enormous sums of money and resources in Enterprise Resource Planning systems (and related infrastructure),(More)
— This paper utilizes a minimum principle for infinite dimensional systems for the optimal control of systems constrained by the Fokker-Plank equation governing the evolution of a state probability density function. From the backwards evolution of the corresponding adjoint system, we define a Hamiltonian and use its gradient to construct a numerical optimal(More)
The tools of physics apply to a larger class of problems then the analysis of physical systems. Mathematical formalisms developed for classical mechanics are used to study a problem of optimal control theory. In the problem of an optimal roundhouse kick in Taekwondo, the Pontryagin Maximum Principle relates the optimal control problem to the framework of(More)
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