Aaron Palmer

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The business value of Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP systems), and in general large software implementations, has been extensively debated in both popular press and in the academic literature for over two decades. Organisations invest enormous sums of money and resources in Enterprise Resource Planning systems (and related infrastructure),(More)
This paper utilizes a minimum principle for infinite dimensional systems for the optimal control of systems constrained by the Fokker-Plank equation governing the evolution of a state probability density function. From the backwards evolution of the corresponding adjoint system, we define a Hamiltonian and use its gradient to construct a numerical optimal(More)
This study analyzed the overlap between roles and activities that health care navigators perform and competencies identified by the Medical Library Association’s (MLA’s) educational policy statement.Roles and activities that health care navigators perform were gleaned from published literature. Once common roles and activities that health care navigators(More)
In an era when big data is becoming the norm, there is less concern with the quantity but more with the quality and completeness of data. In many disciplines, data are collected from heterogeneous sources, leading to multi-view or multi-modal datasets. The missing data problem has been challenging to address in multi-view data analysis. Especially, when(More)
BACKGROUND Sternal wires are used to close the thoracic cavity and facilitate healing after median sternotomy (MS). We invented an implantable device that uses these wires as sensors to monitor cardiac electrical activity and tested its utility in collecting electrocardiography (ECG) data in vivo. METHODS The wafer-thin silicone device has grooves with(More)
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