Aaron Packer

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Many green microalgae significantly increased their cellular neutral lipid content when cultured in nitrogen limited or high light conditions. Due to their lipid production potential, these algae have been suggested as promising feedstocks for biofuel production. However, no models for algal lipid synthesis with respect to nutrient and light have been(More)
The hepatitis delta virus (HDV) is a rarest form of viral hepatitis, but has the worst outcomes for patients.It is a subviral satellite dependent on coinfection with hepatitis B (HBV) to replicate within the host liver.To date, there has been little to no modeling effort for HDV. Deriving and analyzing such a mathematical model poses difficulty as it(More)
We formulate and analyze a stoichiometric model of producer-grazer systems with excess nutrient recycling (waste) that may inhibit grazer survival and growth. Specifically, we model the intoxication dynamics caused by accumulation of grazer waste and dead biomass decay. This system has a range of applications, but we focus on those in which the producers(More)
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