Aaron P Yamniuk

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Pulsed-field gradient (PFG) diffusion NMR spectroscopy studies were conducted with several helix-loop-helix regulatory Ca(2+)-binding proteins to characterize the conformational changes associated with Ca(2+)-saturation and/or binding targets. The calmodulin (CaM) system was used as a basis for evaluation, with similar hydrodynamic radii (R(h)) obtained for(More)
CD40-CD40L interactions play a critical role in regulating immune responses. Blockade of CD40L by Abs, such as the anti-CD40L Ab 5c8, demonstrated positive clinical effects in patients with autoimmune diseases; however, incidents of thromboembolism (TE) precluded further development of these molecules. In this study, we examined the role of the Fc domain(More)
An unknown UV 280 nm absorbing peak was observed by SEC for protein stability samples formulated in L-histidine during a stress stability study. Understanding the source would enhance the confidence in the SEC results. We identified the unknown peak, studied the cause, and evaluated ways to eliminate it. The unknown peak was fractionated by preparative size(More)
Precipitation of weakly basic drugs in intestinal fluids can affect oral drug absorption. In this study, the implications of self-association of brivanib alaninate in acidic aqueous solution, leading to supersaturation at basic pH condition, on its solubility and oral absorption were investigated. Self-association of brivanib alaninate was investigated by(More)
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