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WordNet is a lexical database that, among other things, arranges English nouns into a hierarchy ranked by specificity, providing links between a more general word and words that are specializations of it. For example, the word " mammal " is linked (transitively via some intervening words) to " dog " and to " cat. " This hierarchy bears some resemblance to(More)
We propose a logic of belief in which the expansion of beliefs beyond what has been explicitly learned is modeled as a finite computational process. The logic does not impose a particular computational mechanism; rather, the mechanism is a parameter of the logic, and we show that as long as the mechanism meets a particular set of constraints, the resulting(More)
We have developed an interactive query refinement tool that helps users search a knowledge base for solutions to problems with electronic equipment. The system is targeted towards non-technical users, who are often unable to formulate precise problem descriptions on their own. Two distinct but interrelated functionalities support the refinement of a vague,(More)
If one has attributed certain initial beliefs to an agent, it is sometimes possible to reason about further beliefs the agent must hold by observing what conclusions one's own reasoning mechanism draws when given the initial beliefs as premises. This technique is called simulative inference. In an earlier paper, we described a logic of belief in which the(More)
In this paper, we describe how we believe semantic annotations can help in the provision of support for digital investigation activities for analysts searching for information in large document collections. In particular, we are interested in developing tools to support the activities of lawyers in corporate litigation. In current applications, information(More)
In an information retrieval system, a thesaurus can be used for query expansion, i.e. adding words to queries in order to improve recall. We propose a semi-automatic and interactive approach for the creation and maintenance of domain-specific thesauri for query expansion. Domain-specific thesauri are especially required in highly technical domains where the(More)
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