Aaron N. Hata

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Immunohistochemical localization of Copper-transporting P-type ATPase (ATP7B), a gene product responsible for Wilson disease, was visualized in the brain tissues of the Long-Evans agouti rat in detail using tissue-blotting technique and confocal laser microscopy. The ATP7B was intensely detected in neuronal cells of the hippocampal formation, olfactory(More)
Fewer than half of children with high-risk neuroblastoma survive. Many of these tumors harbor high-level amplification of MYCN, which correlates with poor disease outcome. Using data from our large drug screen we predicted, and subsequently demonstrated, that MYCN-amplified neuroblastomas are sensitive to the BCL-2 inhibitor ABT-199. This sensitivity occurs(More)
Individual spermatozoa from the father of two affected infants with osteogenesis imperfecta were separated by dilution and micromanipulation. A segment of the type I collagen gene containing the mutant region was amplified by nested polymerase chain reaction and sequenced. Among 40 individual spermatozoa, 15 specimens were identified as mutants with a(More)
We studied four Japanese patients with isolated growth hormone (hGH) deficiency from three different families. There was con-sanguinity in two of the three families, land three patients were second cousins. Each patient was homozygous for a deletion of approximately 7.5 kilobases, which included the hGH-N gene. The deletions in three patients belonging to(More)
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