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Current methods of materials development, relying mostly on experimental tests, are slow and expensive, often taking over a decade and costing many millions of dollars to develop and certify new materials for critical applications. Finding new approaches for materials development is essential. Moreover, it will be increasingly important for materials(More)
s portrayed in Tom Clancy's novel The Hunt for Red October (and the subsequent movie), precise localization and tracking of submarines in the ocean is difficult. The difficulty lies in the inherent environmental uncertainties that affect acoustic propagation in the ocean. In active acoustic detection a source device (sonar) transmits an acoustic signal into(More)
Not all virtual reality applications today require the power or expense of single large visualization " super-computers ". Factors such as frame rate and polygon count have a major impact upon the performance of a VR application. Increasingly, low cost commodity consumer electronics and computing technology are becoming powerful enough to present an(More)
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