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During the last decade, there has been a significant increase in the use of remote laboratories (RL) in engineering education. These laboratories allow students to remotely access and perform measurements on real laboratory equipment via the internet. RLs are becoming common educational tools in mechanical, electrical and computer engineering departments of(More)
Electric vehicles have been attracting unprecedented attention in light of the volatile market prices and prospect of diminishing supplies of fuel. Advances in battery technology and significant improvements in electrical motor efficiency have made electric vehicles an attractive alternative, especially for short distance commuting. This paper describes the(More)
When compared to other types of motors, brushless DC (BLDC) motors have, larger torque, higher speed, greater efficiency, better control, longer maintenance life and are cleaner. However, their control circuitry is much more complicated than that of an ordinary brushed DC motor, often resulting in designers' preference for other motor types. This paper will(More)
Using magnetic tunnelling junction sensors, a novel magnetometer probe for the identification of the sentinel lymph node using magnetic tracers was developed. Probe performance was characterised in vitro and validated in a preclinical swine model. Compared to conventional gamma probes, the magnetometer probe showed excellent spatial resolution of 4.0 mm,(More)
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