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In this paper, we describe experiences with our 127-no de/161-processor Alpha cluster testbed, Ed. Ed is unique for two distinct reasons. First, we have replaced the standard BIOS on the cluster nodes with the LinuxBIOS which loads Linux directly from non-volatile memory (Flash RAM). Second, the operating system provides a single-system image of the entire(More)
The Malleable Architecture Generator (MARGE) is a tool set that translates high-level parallel C to connguration bit streams for eld-programmable logic based computing systems. MARGE creates an application-speciic instruction set and generates the custom hardware components required to perform exactly those computations speciied by the C program. In(More)
The advent of Massively Parallel Network of Workstations (MP-NOW) represents an important trend in high performance computing. The rise of interpreted languages (e.g., Visual Basic, MATLAB, IDL, Maple and Mathematica) for algorithm development, prototyping, data analysis and graphical user interfaces (GUIs) represents an important trend in software(More)
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