Aaron M. Streets

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An apparatus that combines dynamic light scattering and Thioflavin T fluorescence detection is used to simultaneously probe fibril formation in polyglutamine peptides, the aggregating subunit associated with Huntington's disease, in vitro. Huntington's disease is a neurodegenerative disorder in a class of human pathologies that includes Alzheimer's and(More)
We describe a high-throughput, automated single-molecule measurement system, equipped with microfluidics. The microfluidic mixing device has integrated valves and pumps to accurately accomplish titration of biomolecules with picoliter resolution. We demonstrate that the approach enabled rapid sampling of biomolecule conformational landscape and of enzymatic(More)
Epigenetic regulation is crucial to the establishment and maintenance of the identity of a cell. Recent studies suggest that transcription is implemented amongst a mixture of various histone modifications [1]. It has also been recognized that to interrogate function of genetic information, comprehensively systematic profiling of the epigenome in multiple(More)
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