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Conscious Sedation: For a TEE, Is It Always Required?
Conscious sedation is an anesthesia technique frequently used to facilitate transesophageal echocardiography, but it is not really necessary for performing routine adult cases. Children andExpand
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A Systematic Review of Prognosis and Therapy of Anal Malignant Melanoma: A Plea for More Precise Reporting of Location and Thickness
Anal malignant melanoma (AMM) is a rare tumor with poor prognosis. We performed a systematic review of reports on wide local excision (WLE) and abdominoperineal resection (APR) for treatment of AMMExpand
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A Tablet-Based Multimedia Education Tool Improves Provider and Subject Knowledge of Inhaler Use Techniques
BACKGROUND: Although inhaled medications are effective therapies for COPD, many patients and providers use them incorrectly. METHODS: We recruited providers who prescribe inhalers or teach inhalerExpand
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Therapeutic paralysis in veterans with COPD.
BACKGROUND Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a common disorder of Veterans that causes significant morbidity and mortality. To measure Veterans' perceptions about COPD, the effect ofExpand
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Phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitors for the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a review of current and developing drugs
Introduction: Phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitors modulate lung inflammation and cause bronchodilation by increasing intracellular cyclic adenosine 3’, 5’-monophosphate in airway smooth muscle andExpand
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Mannitol Upregulates Monocyte HLA-DR, Monocyte and Neutrophil CD11b, and Inhibits Neutrophil Apoptosis
Abstractd-Mannitol is a substance widely used for both clinical applications as a strong diuretic and in basic research as a purportedly inert osmotic control substance. However, recent experimentsExpand
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Long acting muscarinic antagonists for the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a review of current and developing drugs
ABSTRACT Introduction: Long acting muscarinic receptor antagonists (LAMA) reverse airflow obstruction by antagonizing para-sympathetic bronchoconstricting effects within the airways. For years,Expand
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Bilateral Diaphragmatic Paralysis: A Rare Complication Related to Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Celiac Plexus Neurolysis.
granulomatous and fibrosing mediastinitis (4). Further review of the literature yielded multiple cases of lymphadenopathy causing pulmonary arterial hypertension via external compression of theExpand
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Manometry Optimized Positive Expiratory Pressure (MOPEP) in Excessive Dynamic Airway Collapse (EDAC).
BACKGROUND Positive expiratory pressure(PEP) breathing modalities are commonly prescribed in obstructive lung diseases, however practical methods of airway pressures(AP) quantification forExpand
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