Aaron Luntala Nsakanda

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The entropy-based measure has been used in previous works to compute the population diversity in solving the cell formation problem with the genetic algorithm. Population diversity is crucial to the genetic algorithm's ability to continue fruitful exploration as it may be used in choosing an initial population, in defining a stopping criterion, in(More)
This paper illustrates the use of simulation for evaluating and analyzing air cargo operations at one of the new state-of-the art cargo facilities at Toronto Pearson Airport. The establishment of a facility equipped with some of the latest in modern material handling systems available today and a computerized-based inventory control system that interfaces(More)
Loyalty Reward programs (LRPs) are marketing programs aimed at rewarding customers for repeat purchasing of a product or a service. Although different types of LRPs exist today across a the modern systems have their roots from AAdvantage®, the loyalty program introduced by American Airlines in 1981 (also called frequent flyer program in the airline(More)
This work describes and illustrates the use of simulation modeling for evaluating and analyzing the impacts of workflow changes in healthcare resulting from the deployment of a computerized provider order entry (CPOE) system. It is motivated by our longitudinal research program which purports to explore simulation modeling as one of the means that can be(More)