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BACKGROUND Despite its widespread use, there is no consensus on the postoperative management in patients undergoing free flap reconstructions. We report the largest study comparing flap outcomes, morbidity, and cost in patients with head and neck cancer free flaps who recovered in the intensive care unit (ICU) versus a "specialty floor" setting. METHODS(More)
Mutations in the gene encoding Connexin 26 are the most common cause of genetic hearing loss. The hearing loss is typically stable but may be progressive. The reason for progression is unknown. Antioxidants have been associated with attenuation of hearing loss from other insults. One antioxidant regimen consists of beta-carotene (metabolized to vitamin A),(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate whether monothermal caloric screening can reduce the number of caloric irrigations required in the vestibular testing battery while maintaining diagnostic accuracy. DESIGN Prospective controlled cohort study. Three hundred and ninety patients referred for vestibular testing at this tertiary referral health system over a 1-year(More)
INTRODUCTION Chylothorax is a rare complication of surgical neck dissection. This is the first reported pediatric case of bilateral chylothorax following cervical surgery and the first to occur after tracheoplasty. Chylothorax can lead to significant complications, including hypoxemia and shock, and requires timely treatment. This case report discusses the(More)
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