Aaron L. Friedberg

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No current system of computerized data entry of clinical information in consultation-liaison (C-L) psychiatry has been well received or has demonstrated that it saves the consultant's time. The inability to achieve accurate, complete, systematic collection of discrete variables and data entry in the harried C-L setting is a major impediment to the(More)
Hemin has a profound effect on erythroid cell maturation and promotes fetal hemoglobin synthesis in vitro. In beta-thalassemia, increasing fetal hemoglobin levels can ameliorate the anemia. We administered heme arginate, a novel stable form of hemin, to 4 patients with thalassemia intermedia and studied the in vitro versus in vivo effects. In erythroid(More)
infer the long-term political intentions of their states’ adversaries? This question has important theoretical, historical, and political signiacance. If British decisionmakers had understood the scope of Nazi Germany’s intentions for Europe during the 1930s, the twentieth century might have looked very different. More recently, a Brookings report observes(More)
The creation of Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) in Europe challenges much of what we have come to take for granted about states and the components of sovereignty. What does the willingness of twelve European Union (EU) members to abandon their own currencies mean for the nation-states of Europe? Does the Euro automatically imply further political(More)
Random and directed migration, O2- production, degranulation and adhesion were studied in neutrophils obtained from patients with homozygous beta-thalassaemia and iron overload, in the presence or absence of thalassaemic serum. The only significant defect found was an impairment in directed chemotaxis, further depressed after addition of thalassaemic serum.(More)
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