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BACKGROUND Pim1 kinase plays an important role in cell division, survival, and commitment of precursor cells towards a myocardial lineage, and overexpression of Pim1 in ckit+ cardiac stem cells (CSCs) enhances their cardioreparative properties. OBJECTIVES The authors sought to validate the effect of Pim1-modified CSCs in a translationally relevant large(More)
1-min forceful immersion in water increased mean arterial pressure by 24% in Ondatra, decreased their heart rate by 71% and cardiac output by 36% Respective figures in Wistar rats were as follows: 19%, 62%, and 46% decrease. By the 50th sec of immersion cerebral blood flow increased 13-fold in Ondatra and 6-fold in Wistar rats.
In Amazon River dolphins, bottle-nosed dolphins and white whales, comparative studies have been made on cardiac electrical activity using electrocardiographic and telemetric techniques. In all the species investigated, certain dependence of cardiac cycle duration on the phase of respiratory pause was observed. A pronounced bradycardia was noted in diving(More)
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