Aaron Knobloch

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Design and fabrication of a Silicon-based MEMS rotary engine are discussed in this paper. This work is part of an effort currently underway to develop a portable, autonomous power generation system potentially capable of having an order of magnitude improvement in energy density over alkaline or lithium-ion batteries. Central to the development of this(More)
A research project is currently underway to develop small-scale internal combustion engines fueled by liquid hydrocarbons. The ultimate goal of the MEMS Rotary Internal Combustion Engine Project is to develop a liquid hydrocarbon fueled MEMS-size rotary internal combustion micro-engine capable of delivering power on the order of milli-watts. This research(More)
The utilization of high accuracy sensors in harsh environments has been limited by the temperature constraints of the control electronics that must be co-located with the sensor. Several methods of remote interrogation for resonant sensors are presented in this paper which would allow these sensors to be extended to harsh environments. This work in(More)
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