Aaron J. McBride

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Human complement receptors 1 and 2 are well described as important regulators of innate and adaptive immune responses, having pivotal roles in regulating complement activation (CR1) and B-cell maturation/survival. In contrast, the role of the murine homologs of CR1 and CR2 (mCR1/2) have been primarily defined as modulating activation of the adaptive immune(More)
Transcription factor IIE (TFIIE) is a general initiation and promoter escape factor for RNA polymerase II composed of p56 (TFIIE-alpha) and p34 (TFIIE-beta) subunits. Our laboratories experienced difficulty producing adequate quantities of recombinant human TFIIE-alpha for in vitro studies using available clones. We therefore re-engineered the TFIIE subunit(More)
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