Aaron J. Gordon

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This paper presents a retrospective view of the Charlotte distributed operating system, which is intended as a testbed for developing techniques and tools for exploiting large-grain parallelism to solve computation-intensive problems. Charlotte was constructed over the course of approximately 5 years, going through several distinct versions as the(More)
Mouse models of neuropsychiatric diseases provide a platform for mechanistic understanding and development of new therapies. We previously demonstrated that knockout of the mouse homolog of CNTNAP2 (contactin-associated protein-like 2), in which mutations cause cortical dysplasia and focal epilepsy (CDFE) syndrome, displays many features that parallel those(More)
Computer Science departments are beginning to recognize the importance of offering courses in mobile application development. This paper discusses underlying concepts that should be addressed in these courses. These concepts are grouped into six categories: User interface, Device cooperation, Hardware issues, Data handling, Application interaction, and(More)
Autism is a human developmental brain disorder characterized by impaired social interaction and communication. Contactin-associated protein-like 2 (Caspr2, CNTNAP2) is a known genetic risk factor of autism. However, how this protein might contribute to pathology is unclear. In this study, we demonstrate that Caspr2 is abundantly present in lipid raft and in(More)
Genome-wide association studies and copy number variation analyses have linked contactin associated protein 2 (Caspr2, gene name Cntnap2) with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In line with these findings, mice lacking Caspr2 (Cntnap2(-/-)) were shown to have core autism-like deficits including abnormal social behavior and communication, and behavior(More)
Primary cultures of mixed neuron and Schwann cells prepared from dorsal root ganglia (DRG) are extensively used as a model to study myelination. These dissociated DRG cultures have the particular advantage of bypassing the difficulty in purifying mouse Schwann cells, which is often required when using mutant mice. However, the drawback of this experimental(More)
This report documents the Mobile Sustainability activity that was facilitated at the end of the Workshop on Mobile Development Lifecycle (MobileDeLi), in conjunction with SPLASH 2015. The workshop attendees were presented with several discussion questions and were charged with the task of listing the challenges in Mobile Sustainability. Participants were(More)
10 conditional terms of the form if A then t 1 else t 2 , where A is a well formed formula and t 1 and t 2 are terms. Inference rules can be deened to introduce and eliminate conditionals GT92]. It can be proved that introducing conditional terms is a conservative extension of rst order classical logic. Similarly, the tactical orelse can be translated in a(More)
In the Hall of Gonville and Caius College at Cambridge University there is a stained glass window depicting three interlocking circles. The window commemorates the logician John Venn who, among other things, built a machine for bowling cricket balls that made short work of the Australian batsmen who visited Cambridge in 1909 (O'Connor & Robertson 2005).(More)