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Tweeting is believing?: understanding microblog credibility perceptions
Twitter is now used to distribute substantive content such as breaking news, increasing the importance of assessing the credibility of tweets. As users increasingly access tweets through search, theyExpand
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Characterizing and predicting postpartum depression from shared facebook data
The birth of a child is a major milestone in the life of parents. We leverage Facebook data shared voluntarily by 165 new mothers as streams of evidence for characterizing their postnatalExpand
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Narratives: A visualization to track narrative events as they develop
Analyzing unstructured text streams can be challenging. One popular approach is to isolate specific themes in the text, and to visualize the connections between them. Some existing systems, likeExpand
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Microblog credibility perceptions: comparing the USA and China
Microblogs have become an increasingly important source of information, both in the U.S. (Twitter) and in China (Weibo). However, the brevity of microblog updates, combined with increasing access ofExpand
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Video kids: augmenting close friendships with asynchronous video conversations in videopal
Consumer-based synchronous video communication is on the rise and is viewed as a valuable medium to support long distance relationships. We were interested in the potential of asynchronous video toExpand
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Pathfinder: an online collaboration environment for citizen scientists
For over a century, citizen scientists have volunteered to collect huge quantities of data for professional scientists to analyze. We designed Pathfinder, an online environment that challenges thisExpand
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Time travel proxy: using lightweight video recordings to create asynchronous, interactive meetings
Time Travel Proxy (TTP) enables participating in meetings that you cannot attend in real time, either because of time conflicts or global time zone differences. TTP uses lightweight video recordingsExpand
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Video threads: asynchronous video sharing for temporally distributed teams
Work teams are often geographically distributed, and in some cases, experience large time-zone differences with no overlap in working hours. We explored the use of asynchronous video in temporallyExpand
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HomeProxy: exploring a physical proxy for video communication in the home
HomeProxy is a research prototype that explores supporting video communication in the home among distributed family members through a physical proxy. It leverages a physical artifact dedicated toExpand
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VideoPal: Exploring Asynchronous Video-Messaging to Enable Cross-Cultural Friendships
Pen pal programs for connecting students from around the world through letter writing have been popular for generations. However, traditional technologies have several limitations in supporting penExpand
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