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Image analogies
This paper describes a new framework for processing images by example, called “image analogies,” based on a simple multi-scale autoregression, inspired primarily by recent results in texture synthesis. Expand
Removing camera shake from a single photograph
This work introduces a method to remove the effects of camera shake from seriously blurred images, which assumes a uniform camera blur over the image and negligible in-plane camera rotation. Expand
Recovering non-rigid 3D shape from image streams
This paper proposes a novel technique based on a non-rigid model, where the 3D shape in each frame is a linear combination of a set of basis shapes, and can be factored in a three-step process to yield pose, configuration and shape. Expand
Gaussian Process Dynamical Models for Human Motion
This work marginalize out the model parameters in closed form by using Gaussian process priors for both the dynamical and the observation mappings, which results in a nonparametric model for dynamical systems that accounts for uncertainty in the model. Expand
Nonrigid Structure-from-Motion: Estimating Shape and Motion with Hierarchical Priors
A reconstruction method using a Probabilistic Principal Components Analysis shape model and an estimation algorithm that simultaneously estimates 3D shape and motion for each instant, learns the PPCA model parameters, and robustly fills-in missing data points is proposed. Expand
Gaussian Process Dynamical Models
This paper marginalize out the model parameters in closed-form, using Gaussian Process (GP) priors for both the dynamics and the observation mappings, resulting in a nonparametric model for dynamical systems that accounts for uncertainty in the model. Expand
Painterly rendering with curved brush strokes of multiple sizes
This work presents a new method for creating an image with a handpainted appearance from a photograph, and a new approach to designing styles of illustration, and presents a framework for describing a wide range of visual styles. Expand
Illustrating smooth surfaces
An efficient, deterministic algorithm for finding silhouettes based on geometric duality, and an algorithm for segmenting the silhouette curves into smooth parts with constant visibility can be used to find all silhouettes in real time in software. Expand
Learning 3D mesh segmentation and labeling
This paper presents a data-driven approach to simultaneous segmentation and labeling of parts in 3D meshes. An objective function is formulated as a Conditional Random Field model, with termsExpand
GANSpace: Discovering Interpretable GAN Controls
This paper describes a simple technique to analyze Generative Adversarial Networks and create interpretable controls for image synthesis, and shows that BigGAN can be controlled with layer-wise inputs in a StyleGAN-like manner. Expand