Aaron Hagge-Greenberg

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Leptin elicits a metabolic response that cannot be explained by its anorectic effects alone. To examine the mechanism underlying leptin's metabolic actions, we used transcription profiling to identify leptin-regulated genes in ob/ob liver. Leptin was found to specifically repress RNA levels and enzymatic activity of hepatic stearoyl-CoA desaturase-1(More)
The formation of the palate involves the coordinated outgrowth, elevation and midline fusion of bilateral shelves leading to the separation of the oral and nasal cavities. Reciprocal signaling between adjacent fields of epithelial and mesenchymal cells directs palatal shelf growth and morphogenesis. Loss of function mutations in genes encoding FGF ligands(More)
The piebald deletion complex is a set of overlapping chromosomal deficiencies surrounding the endothelin receptor B locus collected during the Oak Ridge specific-locus-test mutagenesis screen. These chromosomal deletions represent an important resource for genetic studies to dissect the functional content of a genomic region, and several developmental(More)
Several developmentally important genomic regions map within the piebald deletion complex on distal mouse chromosome 14. We have combined computational gene prediction and comparative sequence analysis to characterize an approximately 4.3-Mb segment of the piebald region to identify candidate genes for the phenotypes presented by homozygous deletion mice.(More)
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