Aaron H. Coleman

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This paper presents an overview of the selection process employed to choose a single Computer Family Architecture (CFA) to be used in a new Military Computer Family (MCF) intended for use in Army and Navy Systems. A joint Army/Navy Selection Committee studied the suitability of a number of architectures, and intensively evaluated three "final candidate"(More)
This paper describes the methodology used to compute life-cycle costs of military computer systems as a function of three competing Military Computer Family Architecture candidates (the IBM S/370, DEC PDP-11, and Interdata 8/32), and it presents separate results of applying this methodology to two different models (called Top-down and Bottom-up) of computer(More)
A new approach to developing and acquiring computers for the military has been under development over the past 2½ years by the Army's Electronics Command and the Navy's Air Systems Command. Known as the Military Computer Family Program, the joint effort now includes the Air Force's Electronic Systems Division and Rome Air Development Center (as(More)
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