Aaron Finerman

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The term professional means different things to different people; nevertheless, there are certain general technical and social standards normally associated with a professional. Further, the term is more generally applied to the practitioner rather than to the researcher. But within the rather broad definition specified, the computing practitioner is, as(More)
I am familiar with many of the problems and difficulties of running a large computer conference. The people who organized and ran IFIP 68 worked very hard for no tangible return and with very little recognition. One is tempted to offer congratulations and to say "well done." They deserve our thanks, and more, for the effort expended and for the results that(More)
This letter reports on the financial health of the Association with actual figures for fiscal year 1973 and those budgeted for fiscal year 1974. The figures give some cause for guarded optimism. Optimism, in that there is indication that we are at long last receiving accurate data, with this data reflecting an improving financial situation. Guarded, in that(More)
With this issue ACM inaugurates a new periodical, Computing Surveys, the survey and tutorial journal of the ACM. In this age of increasing specialization, it becomes more and more difficult for the computing professional , experienced or novice, to be expert in all areas of the computing field. The purpose of Computing Surveys is to help fill in the gaps-to(More)
One of the interesting aspects of the first SIGCSE Technical Symposium was the discussion generated by the question of how large a gap there was between what Computer Science Departments were offering and the expectations of industry concerning computer science graduates. There definitely seemed to exist some differences. On the one hand the university(More)
The status of university computer curricula will be discussed and recommendations of how university computer curricula can be improved in the future will be presented. The panel will discuss how universities can better meet critical needs of industry, business, and government in the various areas of information processing. With the advent of minicomputers,(More)
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