Aaron Fenton

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Titanium has become a material of great interest in prosthodontics in recent years. A growing trend involves the use of titanium as an economical and biocompatible replacement for existing alloys for fixed and removable prostheses. However, long-term results of titanium casting, joining, and porcelain bonding have to be evaluated before this wonder metal(More)
In this study, four impression procedures were assessed for accuracy in a laboratory model that simulated clinical practice. The accuracy of stone casts with brass implant analogs was measured against a standard framework. The fit of the framework on the casts was tested by manual and visual judgment and by microscopic measurement. The measurements(More)
PURPOSE This systematic review aimed to identify different prosthodontic outcomes between screw- and cement-retained implant prostheses. MATERIALS AND METHODS The relevant articles were retrieved from the following electronic databases: MEDLINE, EMBASE, PubMed (using medical subject headings), and the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials(More)
This study investigated the effect of varying crown preparation taper and height on the retention of metal ceramic crowns cemented with resin cements. In part 1, 32 extracted molars were divided into four groups. All groups received complete-veneer crown preparations, two with a 12-degree wall angle and two with a 35-degree wall angle. Crowns were cemented(More)
The management techniques reported for dental fusion are usually complex, invasive, and irreversible. This case report describes a novel, simple technique to manage double teeth using resin restorations. The promising results obtained will encourage dental practitioners to consider this conservative approach before more complex treatment alternatives.
This study investigated the effects of two self-adhesive resin cements on the retention of overdenture anchor posts after 30 days of aging in water. Forty caries-free human canines were randomly assigned to four test groups. Uni-Anchor posts were cemented to specimens in groups A and B with Breeze and Maxcem self-adhesive resin cements, respectively. In(More)
Patients who had received overdenture treatment provided with uniform standards were recalled and studied. Two examiners simultaneously and independently evaluated the tissue response using a variety of indices. Data comparisons were made between overlaid teeth and control teeth and between overlaid teeth as a function of time to assess any effects of the(More)
In the last decade, the success of osseointegration has encouraged dentists internationally to use titanium implants to assist in the replacement of tissue, ranging from a single tooth to facial prostheses. Investigations have focused on more sophisticated treatment planning, improved clinical procedures, selection of better materials, development of(More)