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The old Asian legend about the blind men and the elephant comes to mind when looking at how different authors of scientific papers describe a piece of related prior work. It turns out that different citations to the same paper often focus on different aspects of that paper and that neither provides a full description of its full set of contributions. In(More)
Database researchers have striven to improve the capability of a database in terms of both performance and functionality. We assert that the <i>usability</i> of a database is as important as its capability. In this paper, we study why database systems today are so difficult to use. We identify a set of five pain points and propose a research agenda to(More)
Protein interaction data exists in a number of repositories. Each repository has its own data format, molecule identifier and supplementary information. Michigan Molecular Interactions (MiMI) assists scientists searching through this overwhelming amount of protein interaction data. MiMI gathers data from well-known protein interaction databases and(More)
The Linguist's Search Engine (LSE) was designed to provide an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that enables language researchers to seek linguistically interesting examples on the Web, based on syntactic and lexical criteria. We briefly describe its user interface and architecture, as well as recent developments that include LSE search capabilities for(More)
0. Introduction The whisper of " does that sound ok to you? " is a familiar sound to most linguists: we often hear it in the audience when a presenter supports a theoretical point using a judgment of grammaticality or ungrammaticality, and someone in the audience disagrees with the judgment. In recent years a growing number of researchers have investigated(More)
As an extension of the International Children's Digital Library, the ICDLCommunities project will enable children's communities to develop around the book collection, build tools that allow intercultural communication between children without the use of machine translation, and promote cross-cultural understanding. It will provide a supportive, safe(More)
Overview In this project a group of researchers from the University of Maryland and the University of Maryland Baltimore County are working together with colleagues in Argentina, Hungary, Mexico and the US to create children's book communities. This case study describes early work in developing the online book community, known as ''ICDLCommunities'' because(More)