Aaron Edwards

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The use of transgenic plants to produce novel products has great biotechnological potential as the relatively inexpensive inputs of light, water, and nutrients are utilised in return for potentially valuable bioactive metabolites, diagnostic proteins and vaccines. Extensive research is ongoing in this area internationally with the aim of producing(More)
The authors reviewed 35 open-label sertraline trials for executive impairment in ischemic cerebrovascular disease. Outcomes included clock-drawing, the Executive Interview (EXIT25), the Geriatric Depression Scale, and the Mini-Mental State Examination. Clinically "meaningful" improvement was defined as a >3.0 EXIT25 point decline from baseline. "Remission"(More)
Reference systems and public databases are available for human biometrics, but to our knowledge nothing is available for animal biometrics. This is surprising because animals are not required to give their agreement to be in a database. This paper proposes a reference system and database for the northern leopard frog (Lithobates pipiens). Both are available(More)
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