Aaron D. Fuegi

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The Rangeview software system presented here addresses two significant issues in the development and deploymentof anAutomaticTarget Recognizer: visualization of progress of the recognizer in finding a target, and verification by an operator of the correctness of the match. The system combines range imagery from a LADAR device with optical imagery from a(More)
Model-based object recognition must solve three-dimensional geometric problems involving the registration of multiple sensors and the spatial relationship of a three-dimensional model to the sensors. Observation and verification of the registration and recognition processes requires display of these geometric relationships. We have developed a prototype(More)
This paper describes two approaches for detecting patterns of detrimental program behavior, called dependencies , over long periods of time; these dependencies indicate cases where previous events innuence the occurrence of later failure. This research extends a previous approach that was limited to temporally adjacent events. The two approaches, heuristic(More)
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