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R.S. Siegler (1981, Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development, 46 C2, Serial No. 189) has shown that performance on several Piagetian tasks is governed by similar rule structures. The purpose of the first study was to extend his analysis to the inclined-plane task, replicate his original observations about development on the balance-scale(More)
Third party tracking of user behavior via web cookies represents a privacy threat. In this paper we assess this threat through an analysis of anonymized, crowdsourced cookie data provided by Cookiepedia.co.uk. We find that nearly 45% of the cookies in the corpus are from Facebook and of the remaining cookies 25% come from 10 distinct domains. Over 65% are(More)
Ad blockers are a formidable threat to the vitality of the online advertising eco-system. Understanding their prevalence and impact is challenging due to the massive scale and diversity of the eco-system. In this paper, we utilize unique data gathering assets to assess the prevalence and impact of ad blockers from an Internet-wide perspective. Our study is(More)
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